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I used your Focused-Resume strategy, submitted one resume and not only got an interview but was invited to meet with the president of the company! He hired me on the spot. Thank you for this powerful tool.

Hongge Ren

Amazing, I just want to say I have been strugling about 6 months to get hired with no results and I had taken some other courses, read many books and so on, but this method is just amazing and want to thank Andrew and Ryan.

Ramiro Brito

Although I am very slow going in completing the Gateway Method program, I have already taken away so many great learnings, I just wish I had known about the program sooner.  I think what you are doing with this program is awesome and I believe there are so many people out there just wishing and wanting this kind of program, but have no idea it actually exists. A program that teaches them how to make their dreams a reality.

Katie L.

To be a top performer in the NHL, in business or in ​college requires commitment and tremendous focus. Andrew Hewitt shows you how!​

Kelly Hrudey
Former NHL Hockey Star

The Gateway Method is an official partner of the GameChangers 500. We teach people how to get their dream jobs with purpose-driven companies.

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