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Welcome! We've put together a couple of different options depending on the type of event you're looking to book for.

Corporate events, TED-style programs, social entrepreneurs, thought leaders will want to work with Andrew Hewitt. He's a co-founder of The Gateway Method, and founder of the GameChangers 500. You can read more about one of his presentations below, or visit his personal website to see all of his speeches.

Colleges, Universities and student conferences looking for a keynote speaker will want to work with Ryan Niessen. He's a co-founder and the CEO of The Gateway Method, and you can read more about his presentation below.

The GameChangers: ​

In this presentation Andrew Hewitt shares compelling research that doing good has proven to be good business.

He will bring you inside some of the world's top purpose-driven organizations and reveal how they are fundamentally changing the way business is done. Packed with videos, annimated imagery, and compelling stories, your audience will stay captivated and entertained as Andrew brings you on a tour of organizations that are creating waste-zero cities, abolishing child malnutrition, working without job titles, offering new hires $2,500 to quit, achieving carbon-nuetrality, operating as a hybrid non-profit / for-profit, measuring their impact like it was a sport, making biodegradable products, and a spectrum of other GameChanging initiatives that will leave your audience educated and wowed.

Andrew will also share his story on building the GameChangers 500 list and the methodology he pioneered to evalute an organization's ability to maximize benefit not just profit.

As a result your audience will understand what it means to be a For-Benefit business and see examples within each of the 9 best practices categories these organizations excel in.

What to expect:

  • See inside GameChanger organizations and learn the 9 best practices that make them unique from traditional corporations.
  • Learn how to be Purpose-First rather than Profit-First while sustaining a profitable busines.
  • Discover specific best practices leading GameChangers are using to create a more empowered team, less environmental impact, and a meaningful contribution in their community. ​
  • Customized examples that relate to your industry and/or region of the world.
  • A fun, fast-passed, visually rich, and engaging presentation.
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How To Get Into The Ultimate Zone of Career Awesomeness

Ryan Niessen's entertaining and heartfelt presentation shares insight into why many young people wind up unfulfilled in the work force - and inspires them to redefine the meaning of success and create a meaningful career.

Using examples from the GameChangers 500 - a list of the world's top purpose-driven companies - he discusses how "For-Benefit" companies are changing the landscape of future employment. Ryan also gives students tangible tips on how to discover their career calling and create a life and career that make both an impact in the world and an income.

Students are entertained by Ryan's beautiful Prezi - filled with animated imagery, videos, and captivating stories as they envision their future and are inspired to take charge of their education.

His own story of conquering challenges and taking the road less travelled also leaves them with the sense that the world is their oyster - and that the world needs them to make a difference and become their best version of themselves.

What to expect:

  • Discover the core problem behind why 70% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs - and what to do about it.
  • Learn how to take charge of your education and career to make an living and a difference.
  • See inside GameChanger organizations and learn why you're going to want to work for or build one.
  • Discover specific best practices leading GameChanger organizations are using to create a more empowered team, less environmental impact, and a meaningful contribution in their community - and how you can be a part of that. ​
  • Learn from Ryan's story of his radical approach to getting his dream job after graduating - and making an impact and an income.
  • Customized examples that relate to your school and/or region of the world.
  • A fun, engaging, visually rich, and fast-paced presentation.
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You were so passionate about what you were talking about! The passion you hold was incredible to witness and I was inspired to find something or some cause in my life to bring me such joy and devotion. Thank you for coming to the university and sharing that with myself and others!

- Bella Sapsford, Student, University of Lethbridge

The Gateway Method is an official partner of the GameChangers 500. We teach people how to get their dream jobs with purpose-driven companies.

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