How I Gave Up Energy Drinks, Beat My Sugar Addiction, and Feel More Clear & Energetic Than I Have In Years (With Just 2 Weeks of Practice)

2016 is off to a better start than I ever could have imagined.

In 2 weeks, I’ve gone from being a sugar-addicted, daily-energy-drinking, burned-out, 15 lb. overweight guy who couldn’t wake up on time to save his life…

… To jumping out of bed in the morning, ditching energy drinks and green tea completely, being able to easily choose to have a sip of soda instead of the whole thing, and even losing 5 lbs. (without working out more.)

Not bad, considering how difficult I thought these changes would be.

As a result of the few habits I picked up (which I’ll tell you about in a minute), I feel like a new man. I wake up with a spring in my step, have consistent energy throughout the day, and my mental clarity and memory has even improved!

(My wife, who was constantly unimpressed with my inability to remember what she told me previously probably likes the memory part the best).

So what did I do that gave me such a radical transformation and has me feeling better than I have in YEARS?

The 5 Habits That Transformed My Life Forever…

As you probably know, habits are the things that largely determine our results and experience.

They’re automatic, and therefore typically difficult to change.

However, there’s a principle called the “First 15%” that is the key to my results the past 2 weeks.

The “First 15%” is simple. It says that the 1st 15% of anything in your life – a project, relationship, and even your day – largely determines the probability of success for the remaining 85%.

So, the 5 habits I’m about to share with you are all focused on making the First 15% of your day awesome.

After that, you’re already on a trajectory to success, and everything will come quicker and easier for you…

Habit #1: The “Just Out of Reach” Alarm Clock Strategy

Kudos to my beautiful wife for suggesting this one to me, after being annoyed with me every morning for over a year as I would turn off my alarm clock and promptly go back to sleep.

Doing what I did is about the WORST possible way to start your day.

When you do eventually get up, you feel guilty for sleeping in, groggy because you’ve got bad sleep that past little while, totally unexcited about your day.

For me, putting my alarm clock “just out of reach” – so that I had to actually get out of bed to turn it off, solved this problem in 1 day. Once you’re out of bed, you might as well keep going.

Habit #2: The “20 Things” Hot/Cold Shower

I’ve always loved nice, warm morning showers. The problem is, I used to get out of the shower feeling no more awake than I was when I got in.

So I experimented with 2 things:

  1. I set the goal to think of at least 20 positive things while I’m in the shower. They’re “rules of life” like “I am totally accountable for my results in life and get out what I put in.” Or they’re mantras designed to boost my energy. Whatever you want.
  2. For the last 10 seconds of my shower, I turn the temperature to cold-ish. Not freezing, just a bit shocking. I’ve found that this quickly wakes me up, and gives me a HUGE boost in willpower because I conquered it first thing.

Habit #3: Smoothie + Positive Reading

I’ve found that what you eat AND what you feed your mind in the First 15% of your day is absolutely critical to how the rest of the day goes.

So I start out my day with a healthy smoothie, and drink it while reading something inspirational and fun.

Smoothies with supplements and protein are an easy way to get your morning moving quickly and give your body what it needs.

More on the breakthrough supplements and smoothie formula I discovered in Habit #5. The specific product I use is actually the single BIGGEST factor for my success the past 2 weeks.

Habit #4: Move & Meditate for 20 Mins

I’ve tried all kinds of morning routines. What usually happens is I get bored quickly and wind up no more awake than I was previously.

However, what I’ve found is that the key is to both MOVE and get your blood pumping…

And then MEDITATE and breath for at least 5 minutes right after.

This is the 1-2 punch for capping off your First 15%.

Now, I put on some music and jump/dance around like a crazy man for about 10 minutes. Then fall on the floor with my arms spread wide and breath.

It’s fun, and really effective.

Habit #5: “Thrive” Energy Patch & Supplements

Without a doubt, the “Thrive” health program has been the single biggest factor for boosting my energy, giving me mental clarity, and even making me feel more “manly” and confident.

My wife bugged me for about 2 months before I said YES to trying the program. At $150/mth, it’s no small decision.

However, after 4 days of “Thriving”, I was beyond convinced.

Before Thrive, I would have an energy drink every single workday afternoon to battle the “afternoon crash”. I’d also have an occasional weekend energy drink.

Not healthy. Also expensive — we were spending about $75 on energy drinks ALONE each month. I would also have an energy tea every morning, and my wife would have coffee.

Now, neither of us have any need whatsoever for caffeine. We also want to eat healthier, which is saving us a boatload of money on all the unhealthy snacks we would buy.

All said and done, I can’t believe I put it off so long.

We’re not spending much more per month than we were before…

… And even IF it were double the price, I would still do it. The energy, clarity, and overall happiness I feel today as a result of giving my body the nutrients it needs absolutely trumps anything I’ve ever felt before.

Thrive has an AMAZING system, and the key to the “sustained energy” piece of it is the energy patch you wear all day. Like those smoking patches you see, it slowly releases a bunch of vitamins and good stuff into your body throughout the day.

So rather than drinking an energy drink (or nootropic drink like I’ve tried as well), which is a 1 time event that goes through your digestion, you’re getting energy throughout the day.

Life-changing. That’s the word I’d use to describe it.

If you want more info on Thrive, they have a cool video here explaining how it works.

Because of the MASSIVE impact Thrive has already had on our lives, my wife, Kara, has also become a “promoter” of Thrive. The idea is that if you refer 2 people, you get yours free (plus additional incentives you can read about on the Thrive site).

So if you want to see specifics about Thrive products or have any questions, she’s qualified to answer them. You can reach out to Kara by creating a free “Customer Account” with Thrive here.

Give these habits a try, and comment below and share this with your friends on social media if you like my 5 tips for thriving in 2016.

To Your Success,

Ryan Niessen