Get Your Dream Job With A Purpose-Driven Organization

Tap into your strengths, values, and passions to earn an income and make an impact

Why Get a Purpose-Driven Job?

It's the future.

  • 70% of People...

    Are unhappy in their career. Yet, it’s proven that when you feel like you’re making a difference, you feel more fulfilled.

  • 91% of Global Consumers...

    Would switch to a different brand of similar cost and quality if that brand supported a good cause. Businesses will be forced to become purpose-driven, or perish.

  • 54% of Companies...

    Report that their purpose isn’t clearly conveyed to their employees – but they want to be.

  • The Movement is Growing...

    Websites like the GameChangers 500 and B Corps are recognizing extraordinary companies that are making a profit as well as a difference.

  • Happiness = Productivity

    Companies like Mindvalley are proving that being happy and doing good is great for business.

  • Earn an Income & Make a Difference

    Thousands of employees worldwide are contributing their strengths to a purpose they care about, are having more fun at work, feel more fulfilled, and are making a great income at the same time.

The 5 Elements Of Your Dream Job

  • 1


    Contribute your strengths to a purpose you care about.

  • 2


    Identify your core values and match them with an organization.

  • 3


    Do what you love.

  • 4


    Earn the income you deserve.

  • 5


    Make a positive difference in the world and feel fulfilled.

Access The World's Top
For-Benefit Companies

The co-founder and course instructor of The Gateway Method, Andrew Hewitt, also founded the GameChangers 500 - a list of the world's top purpose-driven organizations.

Having worked behind-the-scenes with these "GameChanging" companies for years, Andrew is the perfect guide to help you get your dream job with a purpose-driven company.

Take Your Career To The Next Level
With Our GameChanging Program

The Gateway Method

Through 7 online video modules, Andrew Hewitt walks you step-by-step through all of the modern job seeking strategies you need to get the attention of the world's greatest companies and get the job.

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About Us

Andrew Hewitt
Co-Founder of The Gateway Method

  • Andrew’s passion was ignited when he witnessed hoards of his talented university friends strive for success in high status careers, only to find themselves disheartened by the profit-at-all-cost corporate mentality.
  • He became an in-demand speaker on the college circuit, created The Gateway Method online course, published a bestselling book, The Power of Focus for College Students, and taught courses through the Trump Organization and the United Nations University for Peace.
  • Andrew’s most recent creation is the GameChangers 500 — a list that profiles organizations that are reinventing the world and redefining the rules of business around fun, fulfillment and fairness to all life.
  • If the Fortune 500 was the benchmark for success in the 20th Century, Andrew’s vision is for the GameChangers 500 to become that benchmark for the 21st Century. And as a result, leave the next generation aspiring to join a new breed of heart-centered organizations that are not just good at making money but are also good at making the world a better place.

Want Andrew to speak at your next event?


Andrew, thank you for all the work you’ve done for us. The students have absolutely fallen in love with you! We received amazing feedback from them and I must say that things turned out far better than I could have expected.

Wesley King
Event Planner

Thank you for such a powerful presentation Andrew. Every student I have talked to has spoken VERY highly of your workshop. Attending your workshop also inspired me to find more passion in my career and I am excited for what is ahead.

Ken Woiden
Organizer, University of Victoria Leadership Conference

Ryan Niessen
Co-Founder of The Gateway Method

  • Ryan Niessen is the CEO of The Gateway Method, an international purpose-driven career speaker, and Andrew’s protege.
  • Since graduating in 2011, Ryan has used the foundation he built in University to take the road less travelled.
  • He used a radical approach to get a purpose-driven job working for a millionaire he met at an event in Hawaii, and drove across North America to pursue his dreams and be mentored by him.
  • Ryan later co-founded The Gateway Method with Andrew Hewitt. Together, they help people find and get their dream jobs with purpose-driven organizations.
  • Now, through The Gateway Method and his keynote presentations, Ryan inspires and challenges people to create happiness and success in their lives by getting purpose-driven jobs that make an impact and an income.

Want Ryan to speak at your school?


You were so passionate about what you were talking about! The passion you hold was incredible to witness and I was inspired to find something or some cause in my life to bring me such joy and devotion. Thank you for coming to the university and sharing that with myself and others!

- Bella Sapsford, Student, University of Lethbridge

Ready To Get Your Dream Job?

The Gateway Method is an official partner of the GameChangers 500. We teach people how to get their dream jobs with purpose-driven companies.

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